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At ZS-IC we offer independent and global logistics services which are flexible and creative solutions designed to meet your on time delivery needs, regardless of geographical locations.

We fully understand that your supply chain is a complex and dynamic set of variables, and as your partner we can offer you a flexible logistics solution. We handle all logistics requirements – from warehousing and shipping to courier services.

Our complete logistics offerings are professional. Challenge us with your supply chain needs today!

Reducing lead times
Delivering components quickly and on time to minimize downtime and meet tight project deadlines.
Improving accuracy
Ensuring that the right components are delivered to the right place at the right time, minimizing errors and improving overall efficiency.
Minimizing risk
Implementing robust processes and systems to mitigate risk and ensure secure and timely delivery of components.
Offering flexibility
Providing flexible logistics options to meet the specific needs of customers, including just-in-time delivery and drop-shipping.